Hello! My name is ML Banner. I started my writing career, publishing my first novel on April 8th, 2014. I’ve learned so much, since then, most of it from other authors far more successful than I could hope to be,. But the rest from my own trial and error.

Although, I have a blog at mlbanner.com, its focus is on my readers and not other authors (unless you want to read my books, which I hope you’ll do). However, on this website, I hope to document some of my own trials and tribulations so that they might benefit other writers.

NOTE: If you have an author website, you shouldn’t be posting anything which isn’t related to building your mailing lists or selling your books, you’re wasting your time and money!

I will follow the same principal that I follow with my novel writing: write what I want to read. So, if I find something I’ve experienced, done or just heard about which I think would be interesting and helpful, I will post it on these pages. However, this is one of those 20% activities, so it won’t happen too often.

Best wishes on your own writing!